The Most Haunted Mountain In Ohio…

is depicted on the state’s Great Seal.  Take a look at it….off to the left, behind the bundle of arrows.  Sugarloaf Mountain.  Join us for this frightening tour of the OTHER side of the seal and find out what happens when the sun goes down!  Tickets are on sale now!

Tickets $13

Fright Pass $20

*Fright pass is good for unlimited trips through the trail, laser tag, escape room & discounts at the snack bar!

Escape Room!  $15

The Smith and Co. Circus train has broken down outside of Chillicothe and you find yourself trapped inside.  Someone has created a mysterious set of clues that stand in your way of getting out of this devious chamber.  An ominous message is scrawled on the wall: “You have 15 minutes to get out…  Save yourselves if you can”  You’ll need to use your wits, discover clues, then solve your way out if you are to escape in time.

Laser Tag $5

Is available for an additional $5 after you conquer the woods.  Then…take a deep breath and go back in again…if you dare!

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