We are proud and excited to announce Haunted Mountain 2021...

The Passion of Dracula!

Watch you neck at Ohio's newest and most exciting Halloween attraction! Set in the English countryside in 1911, where several village girls have died under mysterious circumstances. Dr. Seward presides over a nearby mental hospital, and the locality has acquired a new resident – Count Dracula! A trio of doctors, a young reporter, and a stouthearted English lord battle the Count for possession of the lovely heroine.

With a dash of Holmesian sleuthing in this Baskerville hound country setting, our heroes save the heroine and dispatch the Count!

VIP tickets are extremely limited and include a private session with our tarot card reader and our fortune teller!

Performances of The Passion of Dracula will take place in the theatre at 8PM, with preshow events opening at 6 on each Friday and Saturday in October. And of course, you will be able to try your hand at solving the Harker Enigma!

This interactive night of entertainment will be like nothing you've ever experienced!

Tickets are limited, and our Halloween events sell out every year. So make your plans now!

  • Tickets: $30
  • VIP Tickets: $50
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