Haunted Mountain Has Been Overrun By Zombies…

20 of them in fact!  The 2017 version of Haunted Mountain takes the scare to new levels with our interactive zombie hunt.  Up to 7 players at a time are issued laser guns before they leave on the trail and are competing with each other to see who can get the most “kills” before the end of the tour.  Targets are on fixed objects and actors throughout the haunt.  Choose the ZOMBIE PASS, which includes your laser hunt, a trip through one of our escape rooms, a free coffee, hot chocolate or soda, and unlimited trips through the classic haunt after your zombie hunt!  Or just purchase the haunt to experience the classic Haunted Mountain without the hunt included.  Either way, we’ll keep you screaming all the way through October!!

The Classic Haunt $13

This ticket is good for one trip through the entire haunt without the zombie laser hunt.

Zombie Pass $25

Zombie Pass is good for unlimited trips through the classic trail, one zombie laser hunt, escape room & free refreshments!

Escape Room!  $10

The Smith and Co. Circus train has broken down outside of Chillicothe and you find yourself trapped inside.  Someone has created a mysterious set of clues that stand in your way of getting out of this devious chamber.  An ominous message is scrawled on the wall: “You have 15 minutes to get out…  Save yourselves if you can”  You’ll need to use your wits, discover clues, then solve your way out if you are to escape in time.

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